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Accommodation in Italy

Hotels in Italy
Find a Hotel in Italy - Over 25,000 Listed
There are almost 50,000 hotels, bed and breakfasts, and guest houses registered in Italy. In order to help you make an informed choice, has put together a unique guide to over 25,000 of these hotels categorized by star rating (from basic 1* to 5* luxury) and by the Italian province in which they are located. This guide can be found by clicking on the following link: Hotels...
Italian Agriturismo
Find an Agriturismo in Italy - Over 6,000 Listed
Find an Agriturismo in has put together a unique guide to over 6,000 agriturismi categorized by the Italian province in which they are located. This guide can be found by clicking on the following link: Agriturismi in Italy A Brief History of Agritourism in ItalyAgritourism is a form of tourism in which the visitors are housed in a working agricultural business. T...
Italian Villa Rentals
Renting a Villa in Italy
If you enjoy feeling at home when travelling to Italy then you should consider a villa rental in Italy. Many quality villa rentals cost less per person than a hotel, and also offer much more space, privacy and comfort than a similarly priced hotel. Fantastic for families with children or for a romantic get away, or even just a get together of friends, a villa rental gives enormous flexibility. If ...


Italian City Guides
A selection of the best guide books to the cities of Italy
Italian City GuidebooksBelow are a selection of guide books to the major cities of Italy. These are fantastic if you intend to take a city break in Italy or if you intend to spend more than a couple of days in any particular city. If you are interested in guide books which cover the whole of Italy, please take a look at our Italy Guide Books page. VeniceLonely Planet: Venice Lonely Pl...
Italian GCSE Books
A Selection of books invaluable for anyone studying the Italian GCSE course
Italian GCSE BooksBelow are a list of books recommended for use with the Italian GCSE course. Included in the list are simple dictionaries, basic grammar guides, and course books for complete beginners to Italian. Buongiornio Italia 304 pages (July 1989) A complete first stage course in Italian which aims to offer the material necessary to master the basic skills. This course pack contai...
Italian Phrase Books
A Selection of the Italian Phrase Books for Tourists Visiting Italy
Italian PhrasebooksBelow are a selection of Italian phrase books which you will find invaluable during a visit to Italy. With the exception of the most heavily visited areas, you will often struggle to communicate unless you have at least a little Italian. You will also enjoy your visit far more if you are able to speak to Italians in their native tongue.The selected books are all pocket-sized and...
Italy Guide Books
A Selection of the Best Guide Books to Italy for Tourists
Italy Guide BooksBelow are a selection of the best and most comprehensive guide books to the whole of Italy. In general they offer excellent coverage of all regions in Italy (particularly the major cities) and are perfect for anyone thinking of visiting multiple places in Italy. If you are only planning to visit just one region in Italy you will probably be much better off purchasing a guide to th...


Pasta Machines
Find out more and buy Imperia, Atlas and Faringdon Pasta Machines
Italian pasta machines enable you to make delicious fresh pasta at home that cooks faster and tastes much better than the dried pastas available in most shops. A wonderful range of genuine Italian pasta machines and accessories are available in the UK both online and the better kitchenalia shops. With prices ranging from £20 to £300 for domestic pasta machines, there is something for every budg...

Getting Around Italy

Car Rental
Find out how to Rent a Car in Italy
Car Rental in ItalyTake care to read the terms and conditions carefully. Watch out for additional costs such as insurance, and also for loss of keys, loss of documents, returning the car without a full tank of fuel etc. There are often age restrictions for example 21 years old for the less powerful cars, and 23-25+ for the powerful cars. And you may need to have held a driving license for longe...
Driving In Italy
Explore Italy by Car Safely With This Guide to Italian Driving
Driving in ItalyItaly is a fantastic country to explore by car. Follow the rules, get good maps, and take your time and you will have a wonderful time and come home safe. In general Italian drivers are very competent (if a little aggresive), and despite their reputation accidents are actually uncommon. The Basics1. The legal age for driving is 18 years. 2. In Italy they drive on the right ha...
Italian Trains
Explore Italy by Train
Travelling by Rail in ItalyThe rail system in Italy is excellent and offers a very affordable means of travel around the country. It is one of the least expensive train systems in Europe and is remarkable efficient. Official Italian Rail Guide - Treni Italia Plan rail journeys in Italy in English online on this excellent website. Trenitalia PassThe Trenitalia Pass is a ticket offe...

Getting To Italy

Budget Flights
A directory of budget flights from the UK to Italy
Budget Flights to ItalyThere are some fantastic value flights to Italy available these days with the Italian destination airports added frequently. Below are details of some of the airports currently served and their corresponding UK departure airports. Please note that London Stansted if by far and away the most popular UK airport for flights to Italy and is listed simply as STN in the tables ...


IT Domain Names
Find Out How to register your .it Italian Domain Name
Introduction to Italian Domain Name RegistryIf you are thinking of establishing a business in Italy, or selling to Italians, you might want to consider registering a .it Italian domain name for your website. The rules regarding .it domain names are much stricter than those for and .com web addresses. They are available only to EU member citizens or EU member registered companies. Individ...
Italian ISP
Find the best internet service providers in Italy.
Introduction to the Internet in ItalyIn late 1994 the Italian state telecommunications company Telecom Italia introduced TIN (Telecom Italia Net) to provide internet access to Italians in their homes. Ever since then the Italians have never looked back, and the penetration of internet usage in Italy is one of the deepest in Europe. Getting yourself connected to the internet is as easy if not ea...
Italian Search Engines
Search the web in Italy in the Italian language
Introduction to Italian Search EnginesIf you are searching for something in Italy from olive oil to hotel accommodation, if you understand a little Italian, you will be much better off searching through Italian web pages using an Italian search engine (motore di ricerca) and web portals. Listed below are a selection of some of the biggest and best online: If you want to search the Italian inter...
Promote Website
Find out how best to promote your website to Italians.
Introduction to Promoting your Website in ItalyIf you have a website which you would like to promote to the Italian audience then this guide is for you. Below are listed a selection of useful links and advice to help you advertise your web presence online. If you are particularly keen on enhancing your web presence in Italy, consider registering a .it Italian domain name. Help the Search Eng...
Search Web in Italy
Search the Italian Internet with and ilTrovatore
Search the Web in Italy Now you can search the internet in Italy with powered by ilTrovatore Onsite. Enter your search term in the box below and click Trova!. Your search results will be displayed within a couple of seconds on this page. There are many different search engines in Italy, some of the best of which can be found on our Italian search engines and web portals pag...

Learn Italian

CELI Italian Qualification
CELI - General Italian Proficiency Certificate - Certificazione della Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana
NEW!!  Practise and Test your Italian Vocabulary Skills with The CELI or Certificazione della Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana are a series of certificates measuring a student's proficiency in Italian as a second language. It is administered by the world famous Università per Stranieri di Perugia with examinations being offered twice per year - usually in June and Nov...
CIC Italian Qualification
Find out about the CIC certificate which measures two levels of proficiency in Italian for business.
Introduction to the CIC Business Italian QualificationThe CIC or Certificazione dell'Italiano Commerciale are two certificates which measure a student's proficiency in business Italian as a second language. The CIC is an excellent means of verifying and evaluating the knowledge of a very large range of users:   1. People who work or intend to work in international environments and who wan...
Italian GCSE
Find out all about the Italian GCSE course and how to obtain this qualification.
Introdution to Italian GCSEGCSE Italian is a qualification offered by a number of UK examination boards in the Italian language. A GCSE Italian course aims to develop the four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing in Italian - taking you from a complete beginner to GCSE standard. You can study the course for the pleasure of learning and/or to receive an internationally recogni...
Italian Verbs
Learn to conjugate Italian verbs with this free online tool
Learn to Conjugate Italian VerbsIf you would like to learn to conjugate verbs in Italian then please try our unique Italian Verb Conjugation tool. This free Italian verb conjugator enables you to enter any Italian verb, select the tense and forms you would like to see on learn, and then have the full Italian verb conjugation displayed on screen. It is very easy to use and ...
Italian Vocabulary
Learn Italian vocabulary online with this free interactive aid
Learn Italian VocabularyIf you would like to learn Italian then please try our unique Italian Vocabulary Builder. With this resource you can study Italian vocabulary online and learn new words from a wide selection of word list categories. In addition, your unique username (generated automatically when you first use the system) gives you access to a comprehensive record of your ...
Universita per Stranieri Perugia
Find out all about the Università per Stranieri di Perugia - offering Language and Culture Courses.
NEW!!  Practise and Test your Italian Vocabulary Skills with The Università per Stranieri di Perugia or University for Foreigners in Perugia has offered courses in Italian for foreigners for well over 100 years. Courses are subsidised by the government and so the prices are very reasonable when compared to private schools and tuition in Italy or in the UK. Many di...

Legal and Money

Banking Hours in Italy
Find out when banks are open and closed in Italy
Banks in Italy typically open in the morning from 8.30am until 1.00pm, and then reopen in the afternoon for an hour between 3.00pm and 4.00pm. In the major tourist destinations some banks may actually remain open straight through from 8.30am to 4.00pm to help visitors change money or traveller's cheques. Generally Italian banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday, on all public holidays, and i...
Carta PostePay
Find out all about the Carta PostePay and how to get one in Italy
What is a Carta PostePayThe Italian Carta PostePay is a pre-paid, rechargeable, VISA Electron card. With this card you can make payments online and through all outlets worldwide which accept VISA Electron. You can also withdraw money from all VISA and VISA Electron ATM machines worldwide, and through the Italian Postamat ATM machines which are located in post offices across Italy. Carta postepa...
Codice Fiscale
Find Out How to Obtain Your Italian Tax Code or Codice Fiscale - Vital in Everyday Life in Italy
What is a Codice Fiscale and Do I Need It?If you are thinking of staying in Italy for a long time, or moving there permanently it is essential that you obtain an Italian tax code or Codice Fiscale. This is the Italian equivalent of our National Insurance number and tax code. Without this you will be unable to open a bank account, purchase property, or work and do any kind of business in Italy. Liv...
Italian Stock Market
Find out all about the Italian stock market and investments in Italy
The Principle Italian Stock IndicesMIBTEL - is the general index composed of all shares listed on the Italian stock exchange (la borsa italiana). Its value is updated every minute. The MIBTEL index does not have different versions for different market sectors. MIB 30 - is an index composed of the shares of the most valuable 30 businesses in Italy (calculated on the basis of market capitalisatio...
The Euro
Find the Best Exchange Rate for your Italian Holiday Money
The Euro - Foreign Exchange Ratesvar d= document.write;d("");d("€1 = $" + eurusd + " $1 = €" + usdeur + "");d("€1 = £" + eurgbp + " £1 = €" + gbpeur + "");d("");d("Last updated: " + updatedAt + " "); Introduction to FOREX and Holiday MoneyThere are two different kinds of exchange rate typically published online and in newspapers. There is the exchange rate on the world's financial ...
Travellers Cheques in Italy
Find out about the use of traveller's cheques in Italy
IntroductionTraveller's cheques are still probably the most secure way of financing a holiday in Italy. While they can be a little bit more expensive to use than credit cards, bank cards, and cash etc, they provide you with a safety net should disaster strike and you lose your belongings. Traveller's Cheque SecurityEach traveller's cheque has a unique serial number. When you purchase them you m...

Property in Italy

Italian Estate Agents
A directory of estate agents in Italy with websites. Find your dream home online with"
Introduction to Italian Estate AgentsFinding a home in a foreign country can be a very difficult and expensive process, but with the advent of the internet it has all become a lot easier. There are many British, American, German, Dutch etc websites which show houses and appartments for sale in Italy, but if you want to pay a fair price for the right property then you should certainly consider deal...
Italian Mortgages
Get an understanding of how mortgages work in Italy and whether an Italian mortage would be right for you.
Mortgages in ItalyA mortgage un mutuo is money lent by a financial institution secured against the borrower's property. If the borrower is unable to meet the payments stipulated in the mortgage contract their property can be repossessed by the lender. Italian mortgages usually last 5, 10, 15, or 20 years, although sometimes as long as 25 or 30 years. Usually the mortage will cover 80% of the value...
Relocation Experts to Italy
Italian RelocatorsMoving to a new country can be a daunting task, so many people choose to pay for the professional services of a relocation or property finding company. Although their fees may seem expensive at first glance, they can potentially save you a fortune overall while helping to keep your relocation stress free. has compiled a comprehensive province by province ...


Italian SIM Card
New and Ready to Use with 5 Euros of Credit - Buy Online Now with Free Worldwide Delivery
£19.99 with FREE worldwide airmail delivery!SOLD OUTIf you are about to go on holiday to Italy, this if the offer for you. A ready to use brand new Italian SIM card ready charged with 5 Euros of credit which will enable you to receive telephone calls and SMSs on your mobile phone absolutely FREE OF CHARGE during your stays in Italy. Give your new Italian phone number to your loved ones before y...

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