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19.99 with FREE worldwide airmail delivery!SOLD OUT
If you are about to go on holiday to Italy, this if the offer for you. A ready to use brand new Italian SIM card ready charged with 5 Euros of credit which will enable you to receive telephone calls and SMSs on your mobile phone absolutely FREE OF CHARGE during your stays in Italy.
Give your new Italian phone number to your loved ones before you leave the UK and they can call you without it costing you a penny - compare that with the O2 network for example which can charge up to 1.49/minute just for you to RECEIVE a call while you are in Italy!

This SIM card is brand new, and comes complete with all documentation including your PIN and PUK security numbers.
Your new phone number is printed on the packaging of the SIM card. Don't forget to add the international code for Italy +39 to your number before giving it to your friends and family so they can call and SMS you when you are in Italy.

Activating The SIM Card

Activating this SIM card could not be easier. Simply insert it into your mobile telephone and make a phone call. Within a few minutes the SIM card will be activated automatically enabling you to also receive calls and messages entirely FREE of charge.
* This SIM card must be activated before 31/12/2004.
[Our current stock of TIM SIM cards have been activated for you so you can now receive phone calls immediately without the need to even make a phone call or to waste any of your credit!]

Call Charges

FREE all incoming calls - even when you have ZERO credit!
FREE all incoming SMS messages - even when you have ZERO credit!

10 pence to send an SMS to anywhere in the world.
33 pence/minute to call any UK telephone from Italy (50 Euro cents).
10 pence/minute to call any TIM mobile phone in Italy, 30p/minute to call any other landline or mobile telephone in Italy.
10 pence to listen to your voicemail messages (until 31/12/2004) no matter how many messages you have or how long they are - call 4919.
FREE to check your credit balance - call 4916 (or *123# from UK).
All call charges are calculated to the second. International calls are subject to a minimum charge of 10p charged immediately the person you are calling picks up.

Topping up your credit

Topping up your credit is very easy. TIM credit vouchers are available everywhere from dedicated mobile phone shops to the tobacconists and newsagents that seem to be on every street corner in the town and cities of Italy.

Technical Information

This is one of the new generation latest 128K prepaid SIM cards on the biggest mobile phone network in Italy - Telecom Italia Mobile. This 128K SIM card can store up to 250 names and 30 SMSs and it is compatible with the latest 3rd Generation UMTS phones. TIM offer the best coverage in Italy from Sardinia to Sicily, from Venice to Florence to Rome to Naples to Palermo; on the beach, in the mountains, or in the countryside.

* To use this SIM card you must have an unlocked GSM telephone. If your phone is locked to a UK network then it is a simple and not too costly (<10 per phone) process to unlock it.

Payment and Delivery

This SIM card is in the UK and is ready for immediate first class Royal Mail delivery. Payment is accepted by Cheque, Postal Order, and or secure online payment.
If you have any questions, or if you want to buy a wholesale quantity of new Italian SIM cards please feel free to contact us by email at

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