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Moving to a new country can be a daunting task, so many people choose to pay for the professional services of a relocation or property finding company. Although their fees may seem expensive at first glance, they can potentially save you a fortune overall while helping to keep your relocation stress free. has compiled a comprehensive province by province list of 10,000 registered estate agents in Italy. Click here to view this unique Directory of Italian Estate Agents

The Relocator's Role

The relocator's primary role is to help non-Italian speakers to find a home in Italy and deal with red tape and local estate agents during the purchase of their property. There is a marked price differential between the prices Italians pay for property and those that non-Italians pay. A good relocator can bridge that gap and save you money by helping you to pay a fair price for the right property.
There is though a lot more to relocating than just finding and buying a property. Relocators offer a range of services including obtaining the necessary paperwork for you and you family, finding schools for your children and even employment for you, helping you purchase a car or import your car from UK, arranging your utilities (telephone, electricity, gas and water services) and insurance etc, helping you to understand and register for the health care system and to find bilingual doctors, understanding local public transportation, opening a bank account etc. They can also help you arrange building work on your new property.

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