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Introduction to Italian Estate Agents

Finding a home in a foreign country can be a very difficult and expensive process, but with the advent of the internet it has all become a lot easier. There are many British, American, German, Dutch etc websites which show houses and appartments for sale in Italy, but if you want to pay a fair price for the right property then you should certainly consider dealing directly with Italian estate agents. Italian estate agents focussing their properties on Italian buyers usually have access to a far larger selection of properties in all locations and price ranges, and they are not looking to exploit foreigners. has compiled a comprehensive province by province list of 10,000 registered estate agents in Italy. Click here to view this unique Directory of Italian Estate Agents

Listed below are a selection of some of the best Italian estate agents online. Most of the sites are in Italian, but the pictures and prices will give you a good idea of what you should be paying for a property, which location you can afford to live in, and what kind of property you would prefer to purchase. Once you have that information you will be ready to embark on a thorough search of your chosen area.

Directory of Italian Estate Agents Online
60,000 properties across Italy - more than any of their competitors. Click on the map on the home page to select the region you are interested in. Choose from residential, commercial, holiday homes, and new builds across the whole of Italy. (In Italian language)
Mercato Immobiliare
Buy and sell houses online. (Italian or English language.)
The largest Italian real estate portal on the Internet. Buy and sell houses, find out lots of information from the guide (in Italian) about mortgages etc.
Directory of houses and appartments for sale across all regions of Italy. Also lots of advice (in Italian) regarding taxes and mortgages etc.

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