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Banking Hours in Italy
Find out when banks are open and closed in Italy
Banks in Italy typically open in the morning from 8.30am until 1.00pm, and then reopen in the afternoon for an hour between 3.00pm and 4.00pm. In the major tourist destinations some banks may actually remain open straight through from 8.30am to 4.00pm to help visitors change money or traveller's cheques. Generally Italian banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday, on all public holidays, and i...

Carta PostePay
Find out all about the Carta PostePay and how to get one in Italy
What is a Carta PostePayThe Italian Carta PostePay is a pre-paid, rechargeable, VISA Electron card. With this card you can make payments online and through all outlets worldwide which accept VISA Electron. You can also withdraw money from all VISA and VISA Electron ATM machines worldwide, and through the Italian Postamat ATM machines which are located in post offices across Italy. Carta postepa...

Codice Fiscale
Find Out How to Obtain Your Italian Tax Code or Codice Fiscale - Vital in Everyday Life in Italy
What is a Codice Fiscale and Do I Need It?If you are thinking of staying in Italy for a long time, or moving there permanently it is essential that you obtain an Italian tax code or Codice Fiscale. This is the Italian equivalent of our National Insurance number and tax code. Without this you will be unable to open a bank account, purchase property, or work and do any kind of business in Italy. Liv...

Italian Stock Market
Find out all about the Italian stock market and investments in Italy
The Principle Italian Stock IndicesMIBTEL - is the general index composed of all shares listed on the Italian stock exchange (la borsa italiana). Its value is updated every minute. The MIBTEL index does not have different versions for different market sectors. MIB 30 - is an index composed of the shares of the most valuable 30 businesses in Italy (calculated on the basis of market capitalisatio...

The Euro
Find the Best Exchange Rate for your Italian Holiday Money
The Euro - Foreign Exchange Ratesvar d= document.write;d("");d("1 = $" + eurusd + " $1 = " + usdeur + "");d("1 = " + eurgbp + " 1 = " + gbpeur + "");d("");d("Last updated: " + updatedAt + " "); Introduction to FOREX and Holiday MoneyThere are two different kinds of exchange rate typically published online and in newspapers. There is the exchange rate on the world's financial ...

Travellers Cheques in Italy
Find out about the use of traveller's cheques in Italy
IntroductionTraveller's cheques are still probably the most secure way of financing a holiday in Italy. While they can be a little bit more expensive to use than credit cards, bank cards, and cash etc, they provide you with a safety net should disaster strike and you lose your belongings. Traveller's Cheque SecurityEach traveller's cheque has a unique serial number. When you purchase them you m...

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