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The Principle Italian Stock Indices

MIBTEL - is the general index composed of all shares listed on the Italian stock exchange (la borsa italiana). Its value is updated every minute. The MIBTEL index does not have different versions for different market sectors.
MIB 30 - is an index composed of the shares of the most valuable 30 businesses in Italy (calculated on the basis of market capitalisation and liquidity). The components and their weights are set in March and September.
There are many other indices which reflect the market activity of different sectors and sizes of companies in Italy (for example, MIDEX is the index of the 25 shares following those in the MIB 30 in capitalisation and liquidity), but the MIBTEL and MIB 30 indices are quoted worldwide.

Useful Financial Links in Italy

Yahoo! Italia Finance - Stock indices, share prices, money markets, graphs and historical data, derivatives, bonds, research, personal finance, technical analysis, research, and news. (20 minute delay on indices etc)
Il Sole 24 Ore - Italian financial news newpaper - similar in content to the British Financial Times (but yellow-brown instead of pink).
Borsa Italia - The Italian Stock Market - Official website. Displays Italian stock indices in real time.

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