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Find Out How to Obtain Your Italian Tax Code or Codice Fiscale - Vital in Everyday Life in Italy

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What is a Codice Fiscale and Do I Need It?

If you are thinking of staying in Italy for a long time, or moving there permanently it is essential that you obtain an Italian tax code or Codice Fiscale. This is the Italian equivalent of our National Insurance number and tax code. Without this you will be unable to open a bank account, purchase property, or work and do any kind of business in Italy. Living in Italy for any length of time without obtaining a Codice Fiscale is at times extremely inconvenient and at other times impossible. (read on to find out how to generate you Codice Fiscale online now).

Obtaining Your Codice Fiscale Before you Leave

It is possible to obtain your Codice Fiscale before going to Italy through the Italian Consulate in London.

Your request must sent in writing including full details (surname,name, place and date of birth, address in the UK), and a copy of the passport where such details, as well as the signature, are shown. In the case of a married woman, the birth certificate and the marriage certificate are also required. Mail your request to:
Italian Consulate General
38 Eaton Place
If you have any questions then send them by email to
You should receive your Codice Fiscale within 7-10 days and there is no fee to pay.

Obtaining Your Codice Fiscale in Italy

It is of course possible to obtain your Codice Fiscale in any of the tax offices situated in the provincial capitals. It is a very simple process but you may have to queue for some time.

What will be my Codice Fiscale?

It is possible to check your codice fiscale online here: The Codice Fiscale relates to your first name, surname, birthday, and place of birth. Although this website lets you work out your codice fiscale, you still need to physically apply as detailed above for the code to be valid.
Just enter the details as requested: cognome - surname, nome - first name, Sesso M/F - Sex Male/Female, Comune di nascita (o Stato estero) - Gran Bretagna (or the Italian name of your country of birth if you were not born in UK), Prov. - EE (if you were born outside Italy), Data di Nascita - Date, Month, and Year of birth. Click Calcola il Codice Fiscale and your codice fiscale will be generated for you.

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