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What is a Carta PostePay

The Italian Carta PostePay is a pre-paid, rechargeable, VISA Electron card. With this card you can make payments online and through all outlets worldwide which accept VISA Electron. You can also withdraw money from all VISA and VISA Electron ATM machines worldwide, and through the Italian Postamat ATM machines which are located in post offices across Italy.
Carta postepay is not linked to a current account, and you do not need a bank account in Italy to get one.

If you give someone in Italy your name and 16-digit postepay card number, they can send money to you online, or at the post office. In the same way you can transfer money to the postepay cards giving you a secure way to pay people in Italy whether you are in Italy, or back home in the UK.

Carta PostePay Charges

Nothing in this life comes for free and Carta PostePay is no exception. There is an initial charge of 5 Euro when you request the card, and you must put deposit a minimum of 5 Euro into the card at the same time.
If you lose your card, there is a 5 Euro replacement charge, and if you wish to cancel your card there is a 2 Euro charge. Blocking a lost or stolen card is free.
Adding credit to your card costs 1 Euro whether you add credit at the post office, through the Internet, or at an Italian Post Office Postamat ATM machine.
Withdrawing money from your card costs 1 Euro at an Italian post office, 1.75 Euro from an Italian VISA ATM machine, or 2.58 Euro from a VISA ATM anywhere else in the world.
If you wish to pay for goods or services using your Carta postepay there is no charge. Therefore whether you are paying for a meal in an Italian restaurant, or buying petrol in Australia then you will not have to pay any charges. In addition there is no charge if you wish to add credit to your Italian mobile phone with your postepay card.
* The maximum you may have stored in a Carta postepay is 2000 Euro.
* Postepay cards expire after four years.

Free Online Services

A selection of free online services are offered through the Italian Post Office website enabling you to view all transactions, add money to your card, check your current balance, add credit to your Italian mobile phone... etc. Therefore you can follow your card transactions wherever you are in the world.

Applying for a Carta Postepay

Applying for a Carta PostePay is very simple. Just take your passport and Codice Fiscale to any post office.
If you are under 18 years of age it is possible to request a PostePay Junior card as long as you are accompanied by one of your parents with their passport and Codice Fiscale.

Lost Cards and Security

At any time you can request that your card be blocked - if for example it is stolen or lost. From Italy call freephone 800.90.21.22, or from outside Italy call +39.02.34846950. All money remaining on the card will be returned to you.
Your name and surname are not actually printed on the Carta PostePay and so someone finding your card would not be able to withdraw any money unless they could guess your PIN number - which is highly unlikely. But if you wish to receive payments on your card you may need to give the payee your name, surname and 16-digit number. If that person manages to guess the expiry date on your Carta PostePay, he or she could then (try to) make illicit purchases online using your card.
Therefore only give out your name, surname and 16-digit code number when you have to, and if you are worried about security, transfer large sums of money to another Carta PostePay (your wife/husband's for example) which you keep secret i.e. you never give out your name or number that card.

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