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Introdution to Italian GCSE

GCSE Italian is a qualification offered by a number of UK examination boards in the Italian language. A GCSE Italian course aims to develop the four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing in Italian - taking you from a complete beginner to GCSE standard. You can study the course for the pleasure of learning and/or to receive an internationally recognised qualification. Should you choose to take the final examinations, your qualification will help you in a career involving international affairs, business, travel and tourism, and of course linguistics. It is also a first step toward taking an A level in Italian and will also be an advantage if your are planning to study languages in higher education. Finally, taking an organised GCSE Italian course and examination will add focus to your Italian learning activities if you would like to learn Italian but don't know where to start.
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Course Acceptance for GCSE Italian

Some courses will require you to demonstrate you have some aptitude for language learning by requesting that all applicants show they have achieved grade A-C in another modern language at GCSE level. This is not by any means a fixed rule and an interview with the course director or teacher should identify rapidly whether you are suited to the course or not. As long as you are keen and you are willing to do some independent study (or a lot if you are struggling) you should get the most out of the course and achieve success whatever your previous aptitude to language learning.

GCSE Italian Course Specifications

Edexel - Italian GCSE Specification, Examiners Reports
AQA - Italian GCSE Specification

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