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Find out about the CIC certificate which measures two levels of proficiency in Italian for business.

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Introduction to the CIC Business Italian Qualification

The CIC or Certificazione dell'Italiano Commerciale are two certificates which measure a student's proficiency in business Italian as a second language. The CIC is an excellent means of verifying and evaluating the knowledge of a very large range of users:
  1. People who work or intend to work in international environments and who want to enhance their personal curriculum.
  2. Companies and organisations selecting personnel or those who wish to check the qualifications of their employees.
  3. Schools/universities with economic and business courses who want to survey or determine the level of knowledge of the Italian language for their own students.
If you are more interested in general Italian then please look at the guide to the CELI General Italian Qualification.

The CIC is administered by the world famous Universitą per Stranieri di Perugia with the examinations offered every June.
In 2004 the CIC examinations will take place on 21st June with the closing date for registrations of 10th May 2004.

The Two Levels of CIC

There are two levels of the Certificazione dell'Italiano Commerciale. Read on below for a brief outline of the two options, or click the links to CIC I or CIC A to be taken directly to the University of Perugia's web pages (in Italian) that detail these certifications:
CIC I (Intermediate)
Certifies a knowledge of commercial Italian sufficient for the recipient to conduct standard business activities alone in Italian. He who has this certificate is capable of dealing with Italian clients and suppliers, and can work receiving simple instructions in Italian. This certified knowledge covers both spoken and written Italian communications, but is usually limited to one particular sector of work.
CIC A (Advanced)
Certifies a deeper knowledge of commercial Italian than the CIC A. He who has this certificate is judged to be capable of carrying out duties which include long and hard discussions with Italian clients, suppliers and business partners. In addition the recipient of the CIC A understands how to interact in every situation and can discuss any topic.

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