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CELI - General Italian Proficiency Certificate - Certificazione della Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana

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The CELI or Certificazione della Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana are a series of certificates measuring a student's proficiency in Italian as a second language.
It is administered by the world famous Universitą per Stranieri di Perugia with examinations being offered twice per year - usually in June and November with registration required at least 5 weeks before the examination date.
In 2004 the CELI examinations will take place on 14th June and 22nd November with the closing date for registrations of 10th May 2004 and 15th October 2004 respectively.
CELI is the achronym for Certificazione della Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana. CELI is divided into five different levels from level 1 which is beginner/survival level italian, to level 5 which is very advanced Italian.
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The CELI levels 3 and 5 fit into the Common European Framework for Modern Language and are therefore the most prestigious and worthwhile certificates to obtain. A student who has passed CELI 3 may study at an Italian university, and a student who has passed CELI 5 is judged sufficiently competent in the Italian language to teach in Italian state schools.

The CELI examinations can be sat at a over 100 locations around the world which are detailed in this List of CELI Examination Sites.
If you wish to take the CELI examinations in the UK you can expect to pay close to £100.00 to sit a CELI examination. There are three currently three examination centres for you to choose from:
Italian Cultural Institute London - 020-7235-1461
Language Centre Birmingham - 0121-303-1635
University of Cambridge Language Centre - 01223-335051

If you are very interested a selection of recent CELI Past Papers of all five levels are freely available online in PDF format.

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