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Introduction to Promoting your Website in Italy

If you have a website which you would like to promote to the Italian audience then this guide is for you. Below are listed a selection of useful links and advice to help you advertise your web presence online.
If you are particularly keen on enhancing your web presence in Italy, consider registering a .it Italian domain name.

Help the Search Engines to Help You

Getting your site listed by the major search engines is key to your future success. Keep your pages simple, quick loading, and filled with quality content. Cross link to on-topic-content across your web site, and make sure that every page is linked to at least two pages within your site. Email the owners of sites similar to yours and ask for reciprocal links - i.e. ask them to link to your site in return for you linking to their site. Finally, add as much quality content to your site as you can as often as you can. The more you have to offer, the more visitors you will attract.
Don't forget that visitors who come to your website through search engines cost you nothing, so it is well worth your while making the effort to ensure that your site is designed with the search engines in mind.

Submitting Your Website to the Major Search Engines

Some search engines require you to submit your site yourself, others will automatically find and include your site when they follow links on other's sites to your site. Submit your site to The Open Directory Project - the world's largest human edited web directory.
There are thousands of different search engines in the world, but you should concentrate on getting your site listed in the major search engines. These include Google, Altavista, MSN, Yahoo, Excite etc. Visit the list of search engines on our Italian Search Engines and follow the instructions on each site to submit your website.

Getting into the Top 10 of Search Engine Listings

Getting your site into the search engines is important and not very difficult - as long as you get a few reciprocal links from sites already listed in Google and MSN etc, you site will find its way into many search engines within six months. Getting your site into the top 10 search engine results for the key words relating to your site can be very very difficult. If you have a lot of time and patience it can be done with hard work, but if you want to get you website working for you right away and you have the casg to promote it, there are many options available to you.

Google Adwords - is a wonderfully simple and cost effective way to advertise your website. Within minutes your site could be listed on the right hand side of Google's search results pages. You can choose how much you want to pay - from $0.05 per click, and you only pay when someone visits your website through your advert. Through Google Adwords in the UK it is possible to create adverts to be published just in Italy which makes this one of the best ways of advertising your website to Italians.
Opening an account is very simple. Just follow the instructions online. There is a one off activation charge of 5 pounds, euros, or dollars (depending on the currency with which you choose to pay).

Overture gives you the power to get you website positioned in the first position of some of Italy's biggest search engines, including: AltaVista, Excite, Libero, Lycos, Mondadore, MSN, SuperEva, Tiscali, Yahoo! With Google Adwords an advert is displayed beside the search engine results. With Overture, your website is actually listed within the search engine results.
You choose how much you are willing to pay for each click that sends a visitor to your site. If you pay more than anyone else for your chosen key-words, then your site will be number one in the search engine results when someone searches for those key-words.
Opening an account is easily completed online and is free of charge although you must make a non-returnable deposit of 50 Euro which can be used to pay for clicks. The minimum price per click is 0.15 Euro, and you must also spend a minimum of 10 Euro per month.

Godado - Another pay-per-click opportunity is offered by You can improve the position your website will appear in search engines including Tiscali, Excite Italia, Lycos Italia, and Il Trovatore. You can even see what has been paid by others for your selected key-words (parole-chiave) - an excellent way to find out exactly who is your serious competition!
Registering is relatively easy if you have half an hour to spare and you can read Italian (activation will take 3-5 working days). There is a one off activation charge of 10 Euro after which you pay per click amounts that you choose (subject to a minimum of 0.10 Euro + IVA). Account maintenance is done through an online control panel.

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