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Introduction to Italian Search Engines

If you are searching for something in Italy from olive oil to hotel accommodation, if you understand a little Italian, you will be much better off searching through Italian web pages using an Italian search engine (motore di ricerca) and web portals. Listed below are a selection of some of the biggest and best online:
If you want to search the Italian internet immediately, click here to visit our Italian web search page.
Google Italia
Italian version of the World's most popular search engine and directory.
Il Trovatore
Italian search engine with directories to Italy, and the rest of the world. Its Italian Web Directory is excellent.
Search the internet with Arianna or Google, or read the news, shop online etc.
Italian search engine. Search Italy or the whole world through the Internet or the Tiscali directory.
One of the most commonly used search engines in Italy
Yahoo! Italia
Search engine and web portal. Search the web or search through Yahoo's enormous directory of websites divided into thousands of catagories.
Claim to offer the most comprehensive search experience on the Web.
MSN Italy
Web portal and world wide search engine.
Web portal with shopping and news.

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