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Introduction to the Internet in Italy

In late 1994 the Italian state telecommunications company Telecom Italia introduced TIN (Telecom Italia Net) to provide internet access to Italians in their homes. Ever since then the Italians have never looked back, and the penetration of internet usage in Italy is one of the deepest in Europe.
Getting yourself connected to the internet is as easy if not easier in Italy than in the UK and excellent value is available. Below is a list of some of the best internet service providers in Italy including those offering speedy broadband services.
TIN Free - Connect to the internet for the cost of a local telephone call (telefonata urbana) to number 702 000 1033. Receive 1 email account with 8MB of space which you can access no matter which ISP you use to connect to the internet (some Italian ISPs only let you access your email if you connect using their internet service). You also receive 50MB of web space with 24 hour FTP access. ADSL - Get broadband access to the internet with one of three options (all of which also provide you with 100MB of free webspace):
ADSL a forfait - 640Kb/s connection and one 50MB email account from 36.95 / month.
ADSL family - 640Kb/s connection and four 50MB email accounts from 42.95 / month.
ADSL 1200 - 1280Kb/s connection and five 50MB email accounts from 64.95 / month.
Please note you will also have to purchase a suitable broadband modem (available at TIN shops in Italy), and there are also many other different packages available including pay as you use optionswith no monthly charge, but where you pay up to 2 / hour.

Tiscali offer some excellent broadband packages with free modems and free activation often on offer.
Tiscali ADSL Senza Canone 640 - Connect to the internet at 640Kb/s with no monthly fee, just a flat rate of 1.50 / hour for the first three months, and 1.80 / hour thereafter.
Tiscali ADSL Sempre 640 - Connect to the internet at 640Kb/s as much as you want from 36,95 / month.
Other options include paying a monthly fee of 12.95 plus 0.05 for each MB you download, or 24.95 per month plus 1.50 / hour (first 20 hours are included free). 1.25Mb/s broadband is also available from 56.95 / month.
All packages include 10 email accounts each with 50MB of storage and 100MB of web space. With Sempre 640 you will even receive your choice of .it Italian domain name with 10 email aliases free of charge.
Tiscali 10.0 - Free dial up internet access with only local telephone charges to pay. Receive one email account with 10MB of space, and 20MB of web space also.

Infinito Free - Dial up access to internet via telephone number 702 701 07 07. Get 100MB of webspace and a 10MB email account with unlimited aliases (e.g., etc). Pay only local telephone call charges as there is no charge to activate your account and no monthly fee to pay.
Infinito XflaT - Flat rate dial up ISDN access (fast, but uses standard modem and phone line). Immediate activation at no charge. Select from one of the following options:
XflatT30 - 11,50/month. Guarantees 30 minutes per day of access.
XflatT60 - 19,50/month. Guarantees 1 hour per day of access.
XflatT180 - 37.20/month. Guarantees 3 hours per day of access.
Also available are off peak packages with savings of up to 20% to be made if you only want to connect between 1830 and 0300 Monday to Friday, 0800 to 0300 Saturday and Sunday.
Although 30 minutes per day may not sound like a lot, unless 98% of the Infinito lines are in use at the same time you will not be disconnected. Disconnections are then made on those that have spent the most time in excess of the purchased amount on average over the previous seven days. When disconnected in this way, you may reconnect, but only having waited 2 minutes multiplied by the number of times you have been disconnected so far that day.

Other options include Fastweb, and Ciaoweb.

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