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Getting Around Italy

Car Rental
Find out how to Rent a Car in Italy
Car Rental in ItalyTake care to read the terms and conditions carefully. Watch out for additional costs such as insurance, and also for loss of keys, loss of documents, returning the car without a full tank of fuel etc. There are often age restrictions for example 21 years old for the less powerful cars, and 23-25+ for the powerful cars. And you may need to have held a driving license for longe...

Driving In Italy
Explore Italy by Car Safely With This Guide to Italian Driving
Driving in ItalyItaly is a fantastic country to explore by car. Follow the rules, get good maps, and take your time and you will have a wonderful time and come home safe. In general Italian drivers are very competent (if a little aggresive), and despite their reputation accidents are actually uncommon. The Basics1. The legal age for driving is 18 years. 2. In Italy they drive on the right ha...

Italian Trains
Explore Italy by Train
Travelling by Rail in ItalyThe rail system in Italy is excellent and offers a very affordable means of travel around the country. It is one of the least expensive train systems in Europe and is remarkable efficient. Official Italian Rail Guide - Treni Italia Plan rail journeys in Italy in English online on this excellent website. Trenitalia PassThe Trenitalia Pass is a ticket offe...

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