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Driving in Italy

Italy is a fantastic country to explore by car. Follow the rules, get good maps, and take your time and you will have a wonderful time and come home safe. In general Italian drivers are very competent (if a little aggresive), and despite their reputation accidents are actually uncommon.

The Basics

1. The legal age for driving is 18 years.
2. In Italy they drive on the right hand side. Keep right at all times except to pass.
3. The wearing of seat belts is compulsory in both the front and rear of the car.
4. Italy has similar drink-drive laws to the UK with an acceptable limit of just 80mg of alcohol per litre of blood.
5. Italian police use radar to trap speeding drivers and will strictly implement expensive on the spot fines for offenders. (See below for details of the speed limits on Italian roads.)
6. Most motorways are toll roads. Payment can be made by cash or with a 25 Viacard which can be purchased in toll booths, tobacconists, fuel stations and some banks.
7. The use of mobile phones whilst driving is illegal unless a hands-free kit is used.
8. Your must carry your driving license, vehicle registration, and insurance documents at all times when driving.
9. Parking in major cities ranges from extremely difficult to impossible.

Classification of Italian Roads

In Italy there are four types of roads:
1. Local Roads or Strade Comunali
2. Provincial Roads or Strade Provinciali which are like B-roads in the UK.
3. National Roads or Strade Statale which are like A-roads in the UK.
4. Motorways or Autostrade

Speed Limits of Italian Roads

Speed limits in Italy are stictly enforced and radar speed traps are common with steep on the spot fines for offenders.
1. In towns and cities the speed limit is 50kmh (just over 30mph) for all vehicles.
2. On main roads outside towns and cities the speed limit is 90kmh (just over 55mph).
3. On the Autostrade the speed limit is 130kmh (just over 80mph) for vehicles with engines over 1100 cc.
4. For all other vehicles it is 110kmh (just under 70mph).

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