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Italian pasta machines enable you to make delicious fresh pasta at home that cooks faster and tastes much better than the dried pastas available in most shops.
A wonderful range of genuine Italian pasta machines and accessories are available in the UK both online and the better kitchenalia shops. With prices ranging from 20 to 300 for domestic pasta machines, there is something for every budget. Most popular are the SP150 Pasta Machine from Imperia, and the Atlas Marcato 150 Pasta Machine.

Most pasta machines come as standard 150mm wide with 5 or 6 thickness settings (from 0.5 to 3mm) and a couple of cutters so you can make tagliatelle (2mm wide) and fettucine (6.5mm wide). If you wish to make other pastas such as spaghetti, ravioli etc, specialised accessories are available which fit onto the pasta machine. Also available are pasta drying racks (stendipasta) on which you can lay your freshly made pasta.

Imperia Pasta Machines

Probably the best know brand available in the UK is Imperia with their best selling SP150 Pasta Machine. Prices range from 25 to 40 in online stores such as,,, and Accessories start from around 10.
The SP150 can be used in conjunction with the Imperia Pasta Facile motor, giving you a very affordable electric pasta machine for a total cost of just 50-60 (Imperia Model 510)
If you want true luxury then look no further than the Imperia Pasta Presto electric pasta maker (Imperia Model 700). At over 225 in the UK it is still a little pricey, but prices in Italy for Pasta Presto are just 180-190 Euro so it is almost worth flying over just to buy one. Available online in Italy from and but sadly they will not ship to the UK.
Also available are Imperia gnocchi and crocchette makers starting from 29 Euros in Italy.

Marcato (Atlas) Pasta Machines

The Atlas 150 model by Marcato is very similar to the Imperia SP150 pasta machine, but the Atlas machine and its accessories are somewhat cheaper. Currently available from for 28+.
One of the best of the range is the AmpiaMotor motorised pasta maker costing just 53 Euro from online in Italy. This 100W chromed electric pasta maker can make lasagna, tagliatelle, spaghetti and taglierini - and by fitting one of the many Marcato accessories, you can make many other types of pasta.
Also available is the Marcata Regina short pasta maker which enables you to make your own Maccheroni, Anelli, Maccheroncini, Rigatoni, Bucatini e Fusilli. Prices start at 26 Euro in Italy.

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