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Italian City Guides
A selection of the best guide books to the cities of Italy
Italian City GuidebooksBelow are a selection of guide books to the major cities of Italy. These are fantastic if you intend to take a city break in Italy or if you intend to spend more than a couple of days in any particular city. If you are interested in guide books which cover the whole of Italy, please take a look at our Italy Guide Books page. VeniceLonely Planet: Venice Lonely Pl...

Italian GCSE Books
A Selection of books invaluable for anyone studying the Italian GCSE course
Italian GCSE BooksBelow are a list of books recommended for use with the Italian GCSE course. Included in the list are simple dictionaries, basic grammar guides, and course books for complete beginners to Italian. Buongiornio Italia 304 pages (July 1989) A complete first stage course in Italian which aims to offer the material necessary to master the basic skills. This course pack contai...

Italian Phrase Books
A Selection of the Italian Phrase Books for Tourists Visiting Italy
Italian PhrasebooksBelow are a selection of Italian phrase books which you will find invaluable during a visit to Italy. With the exception of the most heavily visited areas, you will often struggle to communicate unless you have at least a little Italian. You will also enjoy your visit far more if you are able to speak to Italians in their native tongue.The selected books are all pocket-sized and...

Italy Guide Books
A Selection of the Best Guide Books to Italy for Tourists
Italy Guide BooksBelow are a selection of the best and most comprehensive guide books to the whole of Italy. In general they offer excellent coverage of all regions in Italy (particularly the major cities) and are perfect for anyone thinking of visiting multiple places in Italy. If you are only planning to visit just one region in Italy you will probably be much better off purchasing a guide to th...

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