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A Selection of the Italian Phrase Books for Tourists Visiting Italy

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Italian Phrasebooks

Below are a selection of Italian phrase books which you will find invaluable during a visit to Italy. With the exception of the most heavily visited areas, you will often struggle to communicate unless you have at least a little Italian. You will also enjoy your visit far more if you are able to speak to Italians in their native tongue.The selected books are all pocket-sized and well indexed making them practical for day to day usage on your travels.

Berlitz Italian Phrase Book and Dictionary 224 pages (August 29, 2003)
Bright new covers in Berlitz blue for easier consumer and brand recognition Over 30 titles in the range, covering 40 languages all with more than 1200 essential phrases plus a 2300 word dictionary Sections covering the most popular situations - Basic expressions and greetings, eating out, travel, sightseeing, shopping, heath and more New page design with improved colour coding for ease of use Each phrasebook has a handy grammar reference section and full pronunciation guide.

Collins Italian Phrase Book and Dictionary 192 pages (April 1998)
"I had to know how to ask for things in Italian before my first trip to Rome. The book is really useful for those essential phrases like 'please' and 'how much...?', and everything is put into handy little subjects. There is also a food section for when you go to restaurants and the numerous cafes. An excellent book for short holidays, with phrases in Italian and English and a small part at the front teaches you how to pronounce the words. 5 stars!" - Costa from London

Italian Eyewitness Travel Phrase Book 144 pages (January 30, 2003)
Quick and easy to use and of a size suitable to fit in a pocket, this Italian phrase book is organized by subjects such as everyday phrases, hotels and travelling around. The book uses a simple system of imitated pronunciation and includes references to the Euro currency.

Globetrotter Italian in Your Pocket 196 pages (April 1, 2004)
Globetrotter's "In Your Pocket" series features easy-to-use phrase books complemented by two-way dictionaries. Each book includes a section on etiquette that gives a few pointers on the customs and manners of the people in question - in this case, the Italians - together with information on the differences between some of the nations that speak the language. The phrase book section offers enough basic grammar to get you talking, and understanding, the language, together with a handy guide to pronunciation.

Lonely Planet Italian Phrase Book 256 pages (November 30, 2001)

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