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Italian GCSE Books

Below are a list of books recommended for use with the Italian GCSE course. Included in the list are simple dictionaries, basic grammar guides, and course books for complete beginners to Italian.

Buongiornio Italia 304 pages (July 1989)
A complete first stage course in Italian which aims to offer the material necessary to master the basic skills. This course pack contains a book and three C60 cassettes and is part of a combined BBC Radio and Television course for beginners in Italian.

BBC Italian Grammar 192 pages (October 1995)
One of a series of foreign-language grammar handbooks, mainly for adults on first and second-level courses, but also applicable to GCSE. The book focuses on Italian grammar, verbs and vocabulary.

Collins Easy Learning Italian Dictionary 640 pages (August 5, 2002)
Keeping pace with changes to the National Curriculum, this Italian dictionary boasts the inclusion of entries which ensure that all essential vocabulary for GCSE and Standard Grade is covered, including useful words and phrases from the world of computers and the Internet. The dictonary includes: no jargon or unclear phrases; a colour layout; helpful phrases; special entries on Italian life and culture and on false friends showing commonly confused words; full explanation of how to use the dictionary; a section with word games; and tables of common Italian verbs.

The Oxford Italian Study Dictionary 640 pages (July 1, 2001)
The "Oxford Study Italian Dictionary" will take students right through their years of Italian study, through to final exams. This book is intended for beginner students of Italian through to A Level.

Saluti: Writing Practice for Italian 141 pages (May 2000)
This volume provides written Italian communication practice to prepare students for the compulsory written component of the GCSE examinations. It can also be used as a resource for Standard Grade...

GCSE Italian: Your Grammar Guide - Malvern Language Guides 108 pages (2001)

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