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If you enjoy feeling at home when travelling to Italy then you should consider a villa rental in Italy. Many quality villa rentals cost less per person than a hotel, and also offer much more space, privacy and comfort than a similarly priced hotel. Fantastic for families with children or for a romantic get away, or even just a get together of friends, a villa rental gives enormous flexibility. If you are planning to stay and explore a particular region for a while, then your villa acts as your home base from which you depart each day to explore. When you return to your villa in the evening it is like returning to your home from home.

A wide number of options are available as 'villas' from tiny cottages, to appartments and even castles. Most popular though are detached homes in the countryside with their own private pool, views of olive groves and vineyards, and offering from 3-6 bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms, and a fully fitted and equipped kitchen.

If you do not think you will use a swimming pool very often, then you'll save a lot of money by taking a villa without a pool. Similarly, if you are willing to go very rural, there are amazing bargains to be had. The further off the beaten track you go, the cheaper the villa rental. If you can travel outside the main tourist months (June-August) then villa prices fall by as much as 70%!

Villa holidays offer you the chance to have a slower holiday. Taking nice walks in the morning and bumping into localsrather than other tourists as is the case in many areas packed densely with hotels and tourist attractions. You'll be able to visit your local shops and bars and become a regular, meeting the same people many times and for a short time become part of the community, pick up the language, and feel right at home.

In order to make the best of your villa holiday, you will almost certainly need your own transportation - typically a rental car.

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